Paulina Queen Phiri

Paulina Queen Phiri (26), a law student at the University of South Africa from Soshanguve is one of the recent victims of physical abuse.

She said recently the father of her two children stabbed her with a beer bottle until he passed out for no apparent reason.

“I never thought the father of my children will attempt to kill me in such a brutal way even though he had abused me in the past and apologizing afterward blaming his behavior on his upbringing which he said was not good.

‘’My relationship with him was great at first, we had fun but suddenly he turned out to be this monster that I could not identify with.

She said he would accuse her of cheating and beat her up until she would sometimes admit to something she did not do.

Ms Phiri was alledgedly assualted with a bottle to her head

That is when it got worse, “however, I refuse to be killed in the name of love because I know women who stay in abusive relationships until they are killed because they think their men would change.

“I broke up with the father of my children after the stabbing incident and he was arrested.”

The boyfriend, Mr Xolane Mokoena, however, disputed that he attacked her claiming that Ms Phiri is the one who attacked him together with her aunt.

He said …

Recently President Ramaphosa addressing a crowd protesting outside parliament said, “men who rape and abuse women should not get bail or parole and should get life sentences.”