Mr Ben Ngobeni (80) points at the broken window of his house

The people of Soshanguve Extension 19B are tired of living in the dark and other poor service delivery conditions that they have endured since last year February.

Community members of this newly found area said they were not told that this area has no electricity when they were allocated there in February 2018 until their rude awakening when they got here and found out that there is no electricity and tar roads.

“I was happy when I was given this RDP house as I have never owned a house before but when I got here things got worse. I have to use a paraffin stove to cook because of lack of electricity.

“I also found the windows broken that I cannot afford to fix because I am not working and government will not help,” said 80-year-old Mr Ben Ngobeni a resident at Extension 9B.

The community raised money for their leaders to go to the City of Tshwane to raise their concerns and allegedly they were told that electricity and roads will only be completed when all the houses have been built and allocated.

Ms Emily Mmake (41), said as a women staying alone she would feel much safer if the streets were not so dark at night.

“While we are happy to be allocated the RDP houses, I worry about thieves attacking me at night and the poor service delivery makes life unbearable.

“Government must do something, these houses look pretty on the outside but we live under bad conditions,” she said.

Another resident, Ms Rachel Phele (53), said she was promised that by June last year everything will be fine. “All that was lies, it is now 14 months and nothing has happened.”

The City of Tshwane was contacted twice for comment on the matter and to date they have not responded.