Ms Mokhadi Ramonyai with the kids who are the beneficiaries of the project

Motivational speaker, poet, writer and owner of Happiness Children’s Centre NPO, Ms Mokhadi  Ramonyai (31) from Soshanguve Block JJ, runs a community project ‘Miss Confidence’ that grooms and helps young girls to acquire self-esteem.

She started the Miss Confidence project last year October after she met a girl who skipped school because of being on her menstrual periods.

“The girl told me that she skip school every month until she was done with her periods. After listening to her story I started investigating and discovered that the tendency was prevalent in the community.

“It pained me to discover that most families cannot afford sanitary towels and that there are young girls who still use cloth when on periods.

She decided to donate part of her salary to buy pads.

“At first I struggled because I just bought 30 pads and it was not enough and received help from Good Shepherd Organization who donated more pads to add to my contribution and then I had enough.

“I have so far been able to assist 40 girls and I realised that there are more girls that need help out of my community so I spread the project to other communities.

Over and above the sanitary towels, she assists the girls to develop spiritually, emotionally and motivate them to attend school.

“I want to upgrade the community and reduce the use of nyaope and teenage pregnancy through the projects to build the community we want,” she said.