Community members signing the petition to feel safer

The Community of Soshanguve Block XX on 04 October 2019 singed a petition to call on Minister of Police, Mr Bheki Cele, to increase police visibility in Soshanguve South.

Organised by the Democratic Alliance (DA), the petition comes after the release of the crime statistics by the South African Policing Services (SAPS).

Karabo Semfeng, the PR councillor for ward 89, said “we do understand that the police department is under-resourced but they can surely make a plan to increase patrolling police vehicles in the area as there are many illegal activities taking place in this area.

“If the police patrol ward 89, it will be a better place to stay in as there will be police vehicles ensuring people’s safety”.

Pascal Mabuza, one of the residents of block xx said “I am signing the petition because I want to see crime reduce and because I feel unsafe when I walk in the streets for fear of getting mugged or scammed. I do not feel safe any time of the day and maybe signing this petition will help me feel a bit safer”.