One of the speaker, Ms Elisie Tshabalala, a councillor at ward 36, said “if we stand together as women we can fight anything, even nyaope.

Marie Makwakwa, a mother of three, a community and youth activist, a motivational speaker and a mentor, organised a Kasi Women’s Imbizo at Bacardi Café in Soshanguve block L on 31 August 2019.

Ms Makwakwa hosted the event to celebrate the last day of the women’s month, with the theme “Flaws and Scars.

Ms Marie Mokwakwa

She was almost raped herself in 1997 but managed to escape the perpetrators who left her with scars on her face.

“This is a dream I had since 2016 after I lost my job and everything changed for the worst, it was at this time that I had to choose whether to accept defeat or dust myself and make the most out of it.

“I know how to be broke and broken at the same time, I chose to dust myself up and came with the idea to do an Imbizo to empower women. Although it happened two years later, with the help of other women, I managed to gather women into one place and got them to share their scars.

Ms Makwakwa said the event is not a once off, there will be other Imbizos to help more women and to solve problems that we face as communities and to raise awareness about diseases such as cancer.

“The next event will be in October where we will look at cancer particularly as it is coming out to be one of the disease that is finishing our women,” she said.