His dedication is starting to pay off as he produces the most loved bags in Sosha

Phillip Sibanda (24) from Mmakuanyana in Winterveld started a business called JP Exquisite Art and projects designing all kinds of bags and personalized the bags

He said his dream started after completing matric in 2014 when he took a six months upholstery course at Furniture World Private Collage.

He was then sent to Slovoville to do practical in upholstery and that is when where he started working with Furniture City until 2016.

“People were interested in the bag that I personalized so I started taking orders and

Mr Philip Sibanda hard at work, doing what he loves most, designing personalized bags

made a living out of it. I also left work to concentrate on the business.

He was able to buy a second-hand sewing machine and register his business in 2017 and he has never looked back since.

In March 2018 he bought a new walking foot industrial machine and received a certificate from SEDA for the training he attended with them. He was however not lucky to get funding for his business up to today and decided to depend on his hard work.

“Working with people is very difficult but I preserve. Some of the clients don’t pay taking advantage of me, some used to threaten me but I never gave up because my power of surviving Is all I have, that is why I am still standing,” said Mr Sibanda.

He said young people do not have to depend on government, “sometimes use what you have to make a living out of it.

“Most of our youth are unemployed sitting with talents. We must find a way to hustle as the South African youth.

“Again I will love to see JP Exquisite Art and projects PtyLTD growing big and be able to employ young people as unemployment increases in our country.” He said.