Tiisetso Latakgomo, fears for his life as his nightmare to get his matric results sorted out continues

Tiisetso Latakgomo an 18-year-old from Soshanguve block R got the shock of his life after receiving his matric results on the   4th of January 2019 that were incomplete.

The former matri student of Kgomotso Comprehensive High School got pending matric results. “My matric results were not complete as my mathematics showed asterisk which meant that they are incomplete.”

He said it was on a Friday when he received the results and the teachers at his school told him to come back on Monday so they can help him with the problem. “When I went back they told me I should go to the district where I will be assisted as the matter was out of their hands.

“I went to the Department of Education and completed complaint forms and was told that I will be informed when they have investigated my case fully. I did follow-ups every week and I was not getting any answers until on the fourth time I refused to leave the building without answers.

“A Mr Pinaar, a Director at the Department intervened and indicated that the problem was that the school did not register my cass mark, which I still have with me.

“Mr Pinaar advised that I rewrite my maths in May 2019 which I did and the marks came back the same now in August.

“I did not go back to the Department because I was discouraged that it will be a waste of time.

“I wanted to study information technology (IT) or supply chain as my APS is enough and I just need level 3 in mathematics.

“I cannot even submit my CV anywhere as I have incomplete matric results which in essence means I do not have matric at all according to these results.

“My life is on hold, I do not know until when and the sad thing is that it is not by choice. My worst fear is that I might turn out to be a nobody because of the poor service of our education system,” he said.