Mr Cedric Maleka is a 33-year-old man residing in Soshanguve Block VV, an engineering graduate from university of Johannesburg. who is currently involved in engineering consulting, construction part time projects and full time in crop farming.

He also tutors students on his spare time offering Maths and Science currently to five students, three from FET College and two from grade 12.

Cedric said “to be a tutor has always been a passion from my high school days where I have always led those that I studied with.

“My time at university was always tutoring maths for engineers as I excelled academically in both maths and Science. I have 17 distinctions for my National Diploma in engineering at University of Johannesburg (UJ), mostly dominated by both maths and science. This makes me a reliable source of information in terms of academic stature.

“I have taken five grade 12 students from 2016 with 100% pass record from subjects enrolled with me and also two mathematics distinctions.

“My plan is to have a well-structured tutoring academy nationally with annual membership. It is a dream also inspired by wasted brains graduating only end up staging at home without a job.

“This program will concentrate on such skills to provide leadership in academic environment,” he said.