Old Granny Elizabeth gives up hope of ever having a decent house

Gogo Elizaabeth Kekana (98) from Soshanguve Block TT feels her basic right to proper housing has been greatly violated.

Gogo Elizabeth said that “I remember the day the contractors came to my home telling me that they will be building me a house back in March 2017.

“”I was so happy knowing that in a few months I would have a house to call my own where I would be warm in cold winters and safe in rainy weather as I live in a shack”.

“There are RDP houses built in this area long after mine was built. I remember I went to some house they were building near me to ask the builders why they are not coming to finish my house. They said they are new contractors but they will ask at the head office if they can come and finish my house.

“They came back the next day and told me that they will be coming to finish my house as soon as they are done with others, it’s been almost a year since they finished the other houses and they never came back to finish mine.

“The house is even starting to collapse on its own, I am afraid that I will never get a chance to live in it as I am now beyond my old age,” she said.