Care-Net celebrate youth month

Care-Net Development and Support Organisation hosted an event to celebrate children and youth month on 22 June 2019 at Mabopane block A.

June is declared as a month of children as 1st June is national children’s day and 16 June National Youth Day.

Care-Net is a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) established in 2007 to work with youth, orphans, vulnerable children and their families.

Mmatsitsi Mokgohloa, the founder of Care Net and a former social worker, said they promote, improve, support and strengthen lives and wellbeing of families.

The NPO renders integrated social work services, legal services to the families and children to build capacity of parents and care givers to protect wellbeing of children.

It also provide services to prevent, protect and promote family units.

“We have qualified social works and assistant social workers who go to court and facilitate for children to get court orders for guardians so that they can qualify for government grants,” said Ms Mokgohloa.

Ms Margret Masinga, a foster parent, said she is very grateful for the help she got from Care-Net with her grandson as she did not have money to take him to school. ”They gave me grocery when I was waiting for money.

“I became a parent at the age of 22 and I went to Care-Net for financial assistant to help take care of my two siblings. They encouraged me emotionally and assisted me to become their foster parent.

Another beneficiary, Ms Promise Moagi, who is a member of a child headed household, said she received assistance from Care-Net and she was able to become a parent.

Foster care beneficiaries, Ofentse Mashao, said there is nothing impossible for a young person.

“We gifted with energy and brains even when you are disabled, as long as you can think you can make it.

Ms Mokgohloa  said the NPO encourages people to support them as they want to reach all parts of the country to help the needy.