Khwinana remembered at a memorial

Sibusiso Khwinana lived up to his name and was indeed a blessing not only to the Khwinana family but also the world of art.

Family, friends and fellow actors from all theatres in the country came in their numbers to honour and celebrate the life of deceased colleague, friend, brother and mentor on Thursday 07th March at Soshanguve’s AFM Hilltop Restoration centre in block K to honor him.

Sibusiso Khwinana was robbed off his precious life on Friday 01st March during an alleged robbery incident in Pretoria after being stabbed while on his way from a cinema in Pretoria.

Comedian and producer of Matwetwe, Kagiso Lediga, said he is deeply shocked by the passing of Khwinana and that he will never forget the day he met Khwinana during auditions of Matwetwe.

“I remember travelling from Johannesburg to Pretoria and on my arrival at the auditions, S’bu was the first person to audition and there were more than 50 people and I was like I found my starring in him”, said Lediga.

Matwetwe cast members filled the church with laughter when they took to the stage and sang while dancing what appeared to be Khwinana’s signature dance. The crowd joined in and you’d wish that Khwinana was around to witness the love, unity and joy he planted in each and every one of them.

Cast member Tshepo ‘Bugzito’ Seagiso, spoke of Khwinana as a bubbly person who would do anything to get things done.

“We used to call him Solly, and whenever he would be asked a question that would require him to briefly explain, he would shift it to me and be like Bugzito, this should be answered by you because you can fully explain”, said Seagiso.

Khwinana loved performing arts so much that he was a founding member of the Independent Theatre Makers Movement. It is sad that the life of a great soul in the creative arts has been cut short through a violent crime.

Tears filled the church when a presentation of Khwinana’s video was played. He played a part that all his industry friends will never forget. One of the speakers said that Khinana’s name deserves to be written in history book with the likes of Biko, Sankara and other influential people.

The City of Tshwane sent a delegation from Community and Social Development Services Department to visit the family and pay their respects at the memorial sercie.

The City will be providing busses for people who wish to attend the funeral service on Saturday, 09 March 2019.

The chairperson of the parliamentary art and culture committee, Xoliswa Tom, said Khwinana’s passing comes as a blow, not only to his family but to the entire arts industry. “Khwinana’s death, especially at such a young age and circumstances under which he was murdered is a deprival of dreams, songs that will never be sung and performances that will never be enjoyed and showcased.

“The committee extends its heartfelt condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of Mr Khwinana,” said Tom. .

The late Khwinana’s funeral service will be held on Saturday 09th March at AFM Hilltop Restoration Centre in 1288 Block K Soshanguve and continue to Zandfontein Cemetery where he will be laid to rest.