Hammanskraal born and bred, Tebogo Betty Moleya, started an initiative for her 21st birthday in June. She wants to collect 21 school shoes for her birthday. The shoes will be given to school children in her community. Tebogo is a third year journalism student at the Tshwane University of Technology in Soshanguve.

She was born on the 6th of June 1997 and while others will be celebrating their 21st birthday parties this year, she will be collecting school shoes for children in her community. What pushed her was that she once received a full school uniform while she was at school and she wanted to do the same for others.

Tebogo says she wanted to do something for her 21st but she definitely knew it wasn’t a party, she wanted something different, she initially had three ideas, but this one stood out for her because some parents cannot afford to buy their children a full uniform.

She then thought to herself “since I do some charity work around why don’t I do something for my birthday?” She made reference to normal 21st birthday parties, she said the community goes to the party, they drink, dance, have fun then go home. “The celebrant gets a key, they tell them they are now adults and must be responsible. But nobody teaches them how to be responsible young adults. After that nothing changes so she wanted something to change on her birthday.

The idea is to have a mini event at the school she will donate the shoes to and have speakers to motivate pupils.

Tebogo says for her, this for getting into adulthood, it’s a way of welcoming herself into adulthood and responsibilities.

Potential sponsors or those who want to donate can contact Tebogo on 061 396 1841 or email her at bettymoleya@gmail.com