Siyasanga Monwalibe journalism student

The 21st February is international Mother Language day (IMLD). This day comes annually for people all over the world to promote the awareness of linguistics, cultural diversities and multilingualism. This is a day where people world-wide honour their native tongues.
Soshanguve Times took to the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) Soshanguve campuses (North and South) to find out from if students thought or saw the need of honouring their mother tongues since they live in a country with eleven (11) constitutionally recognised languages. This is what they had to say:
Bethel Moremi, a Public Relations student said she does not see the reason why South African’s should celebrate their mother tongues. “In South Africa as well as most other countries, English is used as the main medium of instruction, so I do no not see the need really to celebrate our mother tongues because we hardly use them anyways!” said Moremi.

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Mandlenkosi Shandua student from the South campus said he felt that IMLD should be celebrated because many of our mother tongues are not instilled enough. “English and Afrikaans are the two most domineering languages in schools,” voiced Shandu.
Promise Makhubela a student from the South campus said she feels native languages should and should not be celebrated because she feels like South Africans still need to deal with the issue of tribalism and stereotypes within the nation’s communities. “I am Tsonga but because I do not fit the typical Tsonga “description” I get teased and told my language does not suit me,” expressed Makhubela.
Siyasanga Monwalibe journalism student said he felt we should commemorate IMLD because SA has 11 languages and he feels those are enough for people to actual celebrate IMDL. “We should celebrate International Mother Language Day so we celebrate our individual tribes from the eleven (11) languages we have,” intoned Monwalibe.
Kwena Moele an Integrated Relations student said IMLD should be celebrated so every person as an individual in South African can embrace and be proud to speak whatever their mother tongue is. “I feel as South Africans we have adopted and adapted to so much of the Western culture that even African kids are thaught to speak English before their own home languages. As a people we should learn to be proud of our own languages before we go and learn other people’s languages,” concluded Moele.
Photo 1: Bethel Moremi, a Public Relations student that believes IMLD should not be celebrated
Photo 2: Mandlenkosi Shandu a student from the South campus who felt IMLD should be celebrated
Photo 3: Promise Makhubela a student from the South campus that felt IMLD should and should not be celebrated.
Photo 4: Siyasanga Monwalibe journalism student who said IMLD should be commemorated
Photo 5: Kwena Moele an Integrated Relations student that said